Weekly Update: 2021 week 03

weekly updates
€20 was added to my total return this week. My total loss is now €1.460

2021 week 03

20 was added to my total return this week. My total loss is now €1.420

No deposits and no withdrawals this week.

Invested €100 in a Estateguru project.

Due to the COVID-19 situation I will release some funds within the P2P platforms in next couple of months. This is the first major stress test for most platforms and underlying lenders and time will tell how they get through these tough times.

Highest return this week was Crowdestor.

monthly update november 2020

I updated the monthly results for the different platforms for December 2020 see my p2p journey menu and p2p results menu. There are no more separate monthly updates since July 2020 as this takes too much time.

Check the charts below for my weekly progress, total income and total invested since the start of my p2p journey in January 2019

for more info and detail on investments see my p2p journeys section.
for a p2p newsfeed see my p2p news section.
for cashback deals on platforms I invested in see my p2p cashback section

updated january 24, 2021
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