Weekly Update: 2020 week 11

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We have a new pandemic. That means an outbreak of a virus on a global scale. The growth of the new corona virus (COVID-19) shows an exponential growth in the number of infections and fatalities

2020 week 11

Welcome to my weekly update

We have a new pandemic. That means an outbreak of a virus on a global scale. The growth of the new corona virus (COVID-19) shows an exponential growth in the number of infections and fatalities. In addition to the personal suffering, this was mainly reflected in the stock markets. The stock markets worldwide have fallen by several tens of percent.

My P2P wallet represents a small part of my total assets. Since January 2019 I am gradually winding down my equity portfolio and taking profits. The money that was released I invested in addition to P2P in precious metals and gold / silver mines. The past two weeks were an extreme period in which, as a result of investing with borrowed money, the margin calls came into view for many investors. Result everything was dumped, including real value asset such as precious metals and the industry around it.

In the past few weeks, I have therefore used my cash to make additional purchases in this sector. Every trading day I looked at which gold / silver mines had the greatest loss and systematically bought them. So far, these purchases have led to the biggest losses in my portfolio, but I expect this to be short-lived as the gold price (and to a lesser extent the silver price) has been at record highs in recent months, making profitability for this sector has strongly increased. We will see what the future holds. If there is a repeat of 2008 I would rather be in assets than fiat money. The sky-high mountain of debt will rise enormously through incentives from central banks and governments and interest rates will fall even further. This is a perfect climate for precious metals.

That said, my P2P wallet was a peaceful haven. Silence before the storm….? The p2P concept has never proven itself during a crisis, if the real estate market is hit, it certainly has an impact on the underlying P2P loans. If people lose their jobs, this certainly has an impact on being able to repay consumer loans. These are exciting times.

This week €90 was added to my total return. This brings my total loss down to €2.397. It’s good to see the number is dropping but I still have a long way to go to get back to zero.

No deposits this week for my p2p portfolio.

Invested €200 in two project on Bulkestate with a 12-13% interest rate. I’m trying to keep my cash drag as low as possible so I deposit ‘just-in-time’ and ‘just-enough’ to participate in projects I like while spreading my money over multiple project and over multiple platforms.

Highest returns this week for Crowdrealestate, Grupeer, Housers, Mintos and Monethera (the solved their banking issues)

On the P2P news part Crowdestor announced their Early Exit option for several of their projects this week.

Check the charts below for my weekly progress, total income and total invested since the start of my p2p journey in January 2019

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updated march 15, 2020
90 €
200 €
48.657 €
-2.397 €

for more info on investments see my p2p journeys section

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