Monethera News: How Does Monethera Provide an APR of 18.6%?


The average return on Monethera projects is 18.6%. It is impressive. Therefore, potential investors often ask how this is possible.

December 20, 2019

To answer this, we need to clarify two questions:

  • Why do companies need Monethera?
  • Are there any ways to raise money on more favorable terms?

What does Monethera make?

The Monethera model involves short term loans lasting up to one year. First, our financial analysts conduct in-depth research of the project, company, and team. Then, third party partners and audit companies do due diligence.

These steps allow us to verify the profitability of the projects and the probability of success. We give out a loan that the company needs and submit the project on the Monethera website, so you can also become an investor.

Our interest is part of the necessary loan.

Why are companies doing this?

In the Baltic countries, there is a rather strict credit policy, so often, companies can’t get the necessary funding for the development of projects. We are talking not only about startups but also recognizable, stable companies that have been operating in the market for years.

In cases like these, companies begin searching for financing from both investment funds and private investors. Usually, it is a long and challenging process, which, among other things, involves the sale of some of the company’s shares. Not every business owner is ready for such a step.

What do you do in cases when the bank denies a loan, and the company doesn’t want to trade its equity for investments? This is precisely where Monethera can help.

We act as the intermediary between the bank and the investor. On the one hand, we allow companies to attract short term money quickly and in the required amount, while we do not demand a share in the project.

How do you get such a high percentage?

In fact, the answer is contained in the previous paragraph. We help to attract money for business development. Without it, the company has much to lose. All company risks are accurately calculated, so the percentage can be called satisfactory and even attractive.

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