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Today I received another e-mail from Monethera regarding their buyback guarantee

February 21, 2020

Today I received another e-mail from Monethera regarding their buyback guarantee

E-mail from Monethera

Dear investors

As you remember, concerning the well-known events on the market (p2p market panic of the January 21st), our company was temporarily forced to limit the option of the buyback for 30 days. This service is currently unavailable, and we will inform you about the date of its activation later. This decision of the Monethera team is motivated by the fact that speculative actions that fuel panic continue being observed on the market. In order to stabilize the situation and avoid negative consequences, primarily for investors, we find this solution to be the only right one. We want to assure you of the timeliness of the decision to limit payments.

Nevertheless, we also want to remind you that the Monethera team is continually improving the level of service provided always listen to the wishes of our investors. That’s why we decided to create a highly demanded secondary market. Our company’s specialists are engaged in its development, and its launch is scheduled for late March. The exact date of its launch will be announced later.

On behalf of the Monethera team, we want to emphasize that the investment platform is operating normally. We care about our reputation and always comply with all our commitments.

Our experts continue looking for new interesting, and profitable investment projects that will be published after they pass the Due Diligence procedure.

On behalf of Monethera, we want to thank you for your attention and understanding.

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