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Lenndy published some more information

February 18, 2022

Lenndy published some more information https://lenndy.com/blog/73

Dear Investors,

Due to ongoing investigation within Giantus Group companies, all available funds were suspended until further notice. The suspension of available funds was mainly initiated due to possible financial crime, which possibly had an impact to Lenndy investors as received funds for liability coverage might have been assigned incorrectly by originators. Investors involved will see an additional column in their Lenndy account stated as “suspended funds” – this is totally normal and more information regarding this matter will be shared regular.
Pre-litigation procedures for possible financial crime was initiated.

The new appointed directors of First Finance and Giantus Finance with the help of law institutions had decided to resume the monthly payments under the payment schedule for active claims rights as lawyers have confirmed that this will not have any impact to ongoing investigation. Funds from all originators should be appointed to investors account by the 23rd of February 2022. Received payments under the payment schedule will be displayed as available funds and available for withdrawal in usual procedure. This should take no longer than two working days to reach your personal bank account. No further investment is allowed in Lenndy platform.

As mentioned in the previous BLOG notice on 7th of February 2022, there might be a correction in the payment schedules for each originator, but as from now the monthly payment schedules remains the same, until further notice.

Lenndy administration has received emails from investors stating incorrect information or hearing rumours in social media regarding the payments. We can assure you that no payments were made to any of investors during this time and no one has any priority to payments. Payments will be made and shared equally to each investor under their active claim rights. Legal claims are and will be delt following the legal procedures which involves court, Lenndy will not have any pre-agreements with investors. We are all in the same situation under the current circumstances, Lenndy will not participate in any negotiations. All investors are the same, have the same legal rights and are treated equally.

Lenndy team is very thankful for the patience of investors during this time. We are moving forward.

If you do have further question, please contact us by email at: hello@lenndy.com      
Please note we do take longer to respond, due to very high volume of emails received daily. 

Lenndy Team 
Represented by Donatas Satkauskas 

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