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March 30, 2022

Lenndy published some more information https://lenndy.com/blog/74

Dear Investors,  

Due to ongoing investigation within Giantus Group companies, including Giantus Finance, Giantus Pozyczki and First Finance the suspensions of funds remain valid till further notice.  

A big congrats to Lenndy team and new appointed directors for their effort and dedication under these circumstances for payment resumption and pre-court processes initiation. Since 2022 February, Lenndy has managed to resume the payments under the payment schedule for each originator, resume the withdrawals option and processed a pre-court investigation in the prosecutor’s office.

Giantus Pozyczki: two-month full coverage received.
Giantus Finance: three-month full coverage received.
First Finance: two-month full coverage received.  

Lenndy will keep the effort and continue the recovery process. At this time, we are analysing each portfolio of originators, what can be sold, recovered, or re-financed to minimize the term of the recovery process, return process. The goal is to shorten the recovery time and capital return time frame to each investor.  

As mentioned in the BLOG post on 7th of February 2022, there is still a chance of the correction to the payment schedule for each originator as there is always a risk while recovering or collecting asset. Payments remains the same for the time, till further notice.  

Lenndy team is very thankful for the patience of investors during this time. We are in this together. If you do have further question, please contact us by email at: hello@lenndy.com      

Lenndy Team 
Represented by Donatas Satkauskas 

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