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February 2, 2022

Lenndy published some more information https://lenndy.com/blog/72

As you have been informed already, on 18 November 2021 Donatas Satkauskas who is also the heads of UAB “Giantus Group” & Lenndy director and Audrius Bagdonas, were appointed as the new directors of UAB “SOSCREDIT” and UAB “Giantus finance”.  

Temporary suspension of fund withdrawals for 30 days. Unfortunately, this suspension has taken place for longer than we have expected due to ongoing audits and data collection within the group of companies. Many legal authorities are involved in the processes withing the group of companies including originators. The current situation of group companies remains the same, as we are still gathering all information, which then will be passed to legal authorities, to start legal actions against parties who might have caused financial damage to organisations. Withdrawals will be resumed in approximately two weeks’ time from this notice. 

In the meantime, the new appointed directors are still investigating the damage which has been caused to the companies. All data will be shared publicly as soon as we receive a confirmation from legal authorities to do so.

Giantus Group companies including originators First Finance, Giantus Finance and Giantus Pozycki are now fully controlled by new appointed directors and are monetarised weekly by legal authorities. This is to assure that there is no further damaged caused to the portfolios.    To minimize the costs of daily procedures to run the group, new directors have unemployed many employees, determinated agreements with service providers and initiated recovery process with a help of debt collectors on late loans. Recovered asset is sold following legal procedures.  Giantus Group companies are no longer issuing new loans, all received funds are withheld within the receiver. Upon the confirmation from legal authorities, originators will resume payments to Lenndy.   There might be a change in the payment schedule due to irresponsible decisions and possible illegal actions by old directors.  

Shareholders who were possibly involved in taking illegal actions are suspended and has no rights or access to any of UAB “Giantus Group” companies activities including “Giantus Pozyczki”.  

Please think carefully before initiating any actions against Lenndy during this time as it might have an impact to originators as they are involved in the process, which will cause delays to our lawyers in gathering data.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused to investors.   We seek for your understanding as this situation is a first timer for us all.      

Shortly, we will share more information regarding the procedures against former directors, resume payments, payment continuity regarding payment schedule, asset realization and asset recovery process. 

If you have further question, please contact us by email at: hello@lenndy.com       Please note we do take longer to respond, due to very high volume of emails received.    Lenndy Team  Represented by Donatas Satkauskas 

Please note we do take longer to respond, due to very high volume of emails received.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Lenndy Team

Represented by Donatas Satkauskas

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