Housers News: Housers Among the 16 Most Powerful ‘Proptech’ in Real Estate


More powerful in real estate

December 1, 2019

Nowadays, the digital transformation in the real estate field goes hand in hand with the increase in the creation of startups dedicated to Proptech in Spain.

In Housers we are part of the 330 technology companies where Spain has been positioned as one of the most active countries on the European continent.

Finnovating, an open innovation platform, selects the Spanish technology providers with the greatest consolidation in the sector where ‘Big Data’, ‘Data Analytics’ and Artificial Intelligence prevail.

Proptech companies have been consolidating in the Spanish market. Technology companies in the real estate sector have grown by 37% over the last year. According to the Barometer of Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Real Estate Sector, startups have captured between 1% and 5% of the total budget of each corporation. Many Spanish companies have begun their expansion in Europe due to the good technological recognition they have achieved.

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