Grupeer News: Grupeer predicts stabilization within two years

Grupeer urges investors to remain calm and not panic, as that only makes the situation worse

April 30, 2020

Grupeer urges investors to remain calm and not panic, as that only makes the situation worse

Dear investors!

Grupeer has developed a plan for stabilizing the situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis within one to two years. Grupeer urges investors to remain calm and not panic, as that only makes the situation worse. The p2p platform’s owners are positive that the short and long-term crisis plans within the developed strategy will satisfy investors’ needs.

Grupeer is a P2P investment platform that operates as the intermediary between lenders, who require working capital and private investors, who can gain a profit from their invested capital. The platform has always worked to ensure investment security, applying the best practices in the P2P industry, including buyback guarantees.

The global economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the P2P investment industry especially hard. The financial hardships of loan originators together with governmental measures have created a delay in paying back loans and limited creditor rights to recover debts. In some countries a moratorium period has been applied to loans, in others creditors are forced to extend debt repayments, in others to refrain from initiating legal proceedings against debtors, etc. As a general trend, loan originators are increasingly using the pandemic as an act of force majeure for the reason they’re late on payments. In some cases it’s used in bad faith, but it’s undeniable that it’s a reality for many debtors who were hit hard by the crisis. The financial crisis has affected individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Due to the previously mentioned reasons, Grupeer investors have unavoidably been exposed to late loan repayments, nevertheless that they still can expect to profit from their investments. However Grupeer urges its investors not to lose trust in the platform’s continued operations and the safety of their investments. The platform is trying to restore their reputation, and their clients trust the secure investment opportunities provided by the Grupeer platform. Keeping in mind that Grupeer payment obligations currently rely largely on lenders and the financial state and honesty of debtors, they hope that mutual respect can be exhibited in regards to their investments.

Grupeer has received credible threats from investors and bloggers, including insults and threats of physical violence, forcing the platform to notify the police. All threats have been registered and attached to this notice.

Nevertheless, Grupeer is working on solutions and negotiating contracts with lenders where responsibility to pay back loans has already arisen, or will in the near future. Grupeer would like to begin conversations with their investors to ensure maximum investment protection and solutions that promote the platform’s investor interests.

Investors who have any questions, claims or other concerns regarding their Grupeer investments are invited to immediately contact the platform to discuss the issue.

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