Evoestate News: Investing in Airbnb Rental Apartments


Benefits of short-term rental investments

December 31, 2019

Doing due diligence is rather easy- you can highly accurately evaluate the expected rental yield, using AirDNA. Also, because there will not be much of the renovation works needed, you can also compare it to the neighboring listings.

Another important aspect is that through the economic recession, the biggest drop in tourism in Spain was recorded at -13%. Which is rather not as high as the top tier coastal cities centres did not experience such an impact. Additionally, rentals originated by Brickstarter are rather cheap- ranging 40-100 Euros per night, which is a much more price-competitive alternative to any hotel.

It’s also very important to understand that you don’t only participate in the rental income gain, but also when the property is sold in 3-5 years you also earn your part from capital appreciation, which is expected to range 3-5% annually. However, if the Spanish cities will continue with limiting the count of Airbnb licenses issues, it’s a valid assumption that the properties which already had Airbnb license will be valued for a higher price compared to the alternatives. The total expected annual returns combined with capital growth should be around 8.5-10%.

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