Estateguru News: Estateguru Celebrates the Festive Season


0,5% of our fee from selected loans go to charity this December

December 4, 2019

With the help of our partners, we have selected one charity in each of Estonia, Germany and Latvia. As an investor, you can help us in this effort by investing in the loans which have a ‘Charity’ sign on them during the period of 2nd to 20th December

EstateGuru will celebrate the festive season by giving 0,5% of our fee from selected loans to charity this December.

We have a lot to be thankful for here at EstateGuru, and we believe that good fortune brings with it an ethical and moral responsibility to do good in the world. We’ve grown so much over the last few years and so has our investor community, that we feel obligated and honored to do as much as we can to uplift communities and share some of our success with those less fortunate.

In Estonia and Germany, our two largest investor communities, we gave our partner bloggers the opportunity to select the projects we will support. In Estonia we cooperate with Rahakratt to support little Dilaara with her heart operation and in Germany we help the 22star foundation selected by blogger Lars Wrobbel.

We are also supporting a good cause In Latvia, where the investors themselves have selected the local SOS children’s village who EstateGuru will support this Christmas.

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