Kuetzal Update: about:blank

As of today I am writing off Kuetzal . The website turned ‘blank’. The money is gone and their database including all information from the many investors who have trusted Kuetzal in their short life ended up on the street.
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Weekly Update: 2020 week 4

weekly updates
From the start of my journey, my goal has been to spread my investments across as many platforms as possible and across as many sectors as possible (p2p, p2b and real-estate in different categories). This approach has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that when a platform falls over, the loss remains reasonably limited. The disadvantage as encountered this month is that the chance that a platform topples in which I have invested will fall, although I did not include the chance that two platforms topple over in a very short time.
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Envestio Update: 404 4ever

After 5 days it is clear that Envestio is no longer. The website is gone as well as the money and investment data from the many investors who have trusted Envestio in the past years, including me. I’m going to write-off Envestio, drink a beer and continue my p2p journey.
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